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North Indian Specials

Uthappams - South Lenthil Pizzas

Thick pancake made up with Lentil & Rice Floor

South Indian Specials

Idli & Vada

Idly: Steamed rice cake made from rice & lentils
Vada: Deep fried donuts made with lentil flour

Dosa Specials

Dosa : Crepe made with fermented lentil flour
(Below are different Flavors of Dosa's)

Appetizers (Vegetarian)

Appetizers (Seafood)

Appetizers (Non Veg)

Vegetarian Entrees

Non-Vegetarian Entrees


Tandoori Specialties

Indo Chinese Specialties

Indo-Chinese style Noodles / Fried rice tossed with peppers & chillis.
Chicken- $2 extra / Shrimp- $3 extra / Egg- $1 extra


Desserts & Bakery